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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that our clients have inquiries and concerns, which is why we have created this comprehensive FAQ section. 

  • Which side trimmer is better, Jarraff or Kershaw?
    They are both high quality options that have good parts support and longevity when maintained well.
  • When is the best time to get a DOT inspection on the trucks in a fleet?
    It is best to stager the dates of each truck/trailer so all of the inspections do not come due at the same time.
  • What types of truck and equipment repair do you specialize in?
    Fleet repair such as service and inspection on trucks, vans, auto, construction equipment, forestry equipment...
  • How long has Integrity Truck and Equipment been in business?
    ITE has been in business for 10 years and has industry professional technicians that are skilled in diverse fleet work.
  • Does ITE do mobile repair work?
    Yes, we have onsite service trucks that are equipped to handle many types of repairs.
  • What does “Integrity” in Integrity Truck and Equipment mean to our company?
    Striving to build trust by doing what is right for your fleet when no one is looking.
  • What is the timeframe for repair?
    Integrity Truck and Equipment makes timely repairs to reduce your downtime with a quality repair be the most important and communication that allows your company to plan accordingly.
  • What types of repairs do you commonly handle?
    We handle a aide range of repairs, including engine diagnostics and repairs, brake system repairs, transmission repairs, electrical diagnostic and repair, HVAC repairs, hydraulic repairs, fabricating, among others.
  • What preventative maintenance services do you offer to help avoid breakdowns?
    Along with the federal DOT inspections, we offer regular fluid and filter changes, driveline fluid checks, brake and tire inspection.
  • Are your technicians certified and experienced in working on fleet equipment?
    Yes, our technicians have had fleet experience with many types of equipment repairs.
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