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Effortless Financing Solutions for Your Growing Business

With uncomplicated commercial lending through SLS Financial Services, financing your new or used equipment is easy!


Welcome to
SLS Financial Services 

For over 30 years, we have helped businesses of all sizes with competitive equipment finance and commercial lending programs. Always customized to your unique needs, we take a different “main street” approach to deliver outstanding customer experiences consistently. Our core values are:


You are not a number

We believe people are the most important part of the lending business, and we will always treat you like a valued member of our community, never a number.


The building blocks of relationships  

SLS understands that any relationship must be built on honesty, respect, trust, and appreciation. These building blocks are more than how we treat our customers; they represent the kind of people we are.


We deliver on our promises  

There is no gray area when it comes to doing what we say we're going to do. You can count on us.


Uncomplicated lending solutions  

Working with SLS is easy, fast, and accommodating. That’s what uncomplicated commercial lending means to us, and we think when you try us, you’ll agree.


Enjoyable customer experiences  

The process at SLS is fast, friendly, and even fun. Our customers return to us, time and time again, because of our commitment to an outstanding customer experience.

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Acquiring Your Equipment Has Never Been Easier!  

Many business owners recognize that financing provides the capital needed to acquire equipment quickly and easily. The utilization of financing also allows working capital to remain working & bank lines of credit to remain intact. For your convenience, consider our uncomplicated approach:

  • Quick and easy approval & funding process

  • Conserve cash flow – let your equipment pay for itself

  • Up to 100% Financing

  • Financing for most types of new and used equipment

  • Flexible payment plans

  • Preserves your bank borrowing lines for other business requirements

  • Tax-advantaged products available.

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